Why we love quotes

Everyone it seems is a sucker for a good quote, Tumblr is full of em’. I love quotes because they are short, sweet and get to the point. Why go around all the houses when you can find an alley and take a short cut?

I enjoy writing but I hate word counts with a passion because as the famous saying goes – it’s quality not quantity, which is why quotes are the perfect piece of wisdom and inspiration. They are simplistic and can touch millions of people at a mere glance.

Take this for example; one of my favorite quotes: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” –Steve Jobs.  A simple yet motivating and thought provoking lesson that many of us are being taught through life’s experiences.

I once tried to impart my wisdom (or lack of) onto the population with my not so game changing ‘what’s the point of being serious when life’s a joke’ motto. I was going for the same sort of message as Steve Jobs though unfortunately mine sounds like an angsty teenager wrote it. Nobody really wants to take on board a message that sounds like part of a suicide note. It doesn’t exactly ignite a passion from within and make you want to sit up and act on the monotony in ones life!

My career in motivating people was over before it started. Then again it’s probably for the best! I think the day people start taking my advice, is the day that humanity embarks on a journey down a long bleak road, which will probably end in an amusing entry into the Darwin awards.

Despite not being the best person to take life lessons from, you don’t have to be a guru to be a quote master. The thing about quotes is they aren’t necessarily original thoughts, they don’t need to be witty, nor do they have to be awe inspiringly intelligent they just need to tell us what we already know and make you feel like you can change for the better.


The Playsuit

Playsuits… you either love them or you loathe them. Like most items in the fashion industry the playsuit has the marmite affect. I stood in the changing room in Topshop weighing up the pros and cons, trying to decide if I wanted to part with my hard earned cash.


  1. You want to look girly but sometimes sitting pretty and bending gracefully sounds like effort? Well playsuits are girly but unlike a dress you can sit however you want without worrying about exposing tomorrows washing.
  2. You can pair a playsuit with either flats or heels and look fabulous either way.
  3. Playsuits look cute during the day and if you vamp up your makeup can become a sexy staple for a night out.


  1. The toilet problem. When nature calls wearing a playsuit can cause problems. You have to hover over the toilet practically naked, which isn’t exactly ideal.

It was an easy conclusion to come to. While not always an entirely practical outfit I think it looks nice. I rather like a playsuit even if I do have to strip to pee!

I was over the moon when I spotted a cute green playsuit on sale and it was in my size.!
I was over the moon when I spotted a cute green playsuit on sale and it was in my size.!

Stop body shaming!

Its cliché but true, your body is a temple but its one we seem to be failing to worship. The human body is truly incredible (you can find out just how incredible here). I find it amazing to think that we are made up of atoms… about 7 octillion (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) apparently, which are more atoms than there are known stars in the universe! Each set of 7 octillion atoms make up some pretty interesting characters like you and I and everyone else you know. We should be celebrating how unique we all are but instead we all seem hell bent on criticizing one another and most of all ourselves.

There's more to life than worry about if you have a thigh gap or not!
There’s more to life than worrying about if you have a thigh gap or not!

Growing up it was the reign of size zero, every girl was told that to be beautiful she had to have a thigh gap and fit in the smallest clothes possible. This is fine if you are naturally skinny but I am not, I never have been. I was bullied for having chunkier legs than some of my friends and my bum was the talk of the class! People would make comments sometimes to leave a sting and other times not meaning to be hurtful such as ‘when I was your age I was slimmer’ or the famous ‘that makes your bum look big’. I hated my body. The media had told me I was not perfect that I was fat and ugly because anything larger than a size two made you inadequate. To be perfect I needed to be like a catwalk model/size zero celebrity. Now I wont go into the details of what happened but I lost weight and tried to be like the women I was told were perfection.

I love seeing women of all different ethnicities and dresses sizes gracing the front of magazines, blogs, advertisements and strutting down the catwalk. It is like a celebration of the diversity in humanity and something truly beautiful to witness. But like all things human we have to spoil it. I guess its human nature! Rather than learning from the torture of fat shaming the media imposed on impressionable young and old minds alike, it has now become fashionable to criticize the girls we once put on a pedestal. That’s right I am talking about skinny shaming.

I hate ‘skinny shaming’ just as much as I hate ‘fat shaming’ its stupid and hurtful. A woman can be slim naturally and not have to starve herself and she shouldn’t have to be ridiculed for that. She shouldn’t be made to feel any less of a woman because she’s not as curvy as Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. She, like every other man and woman on this planet should be made to feel special, because we all are incredible. I don’t understand this culture of one-upmanship; nobody is better than anyone else!

It doesn’t matter what your waist size is because beauty is so much more than that and that’s what the media’s message should be. They have so much power and with power comes responsibility. They have a responsibility to the millions of girls, boys, men and women who are left feeling inadequate because they don’t fit into the fictional ideal.

With beauty there is no one mould that fits all. Not one person on this planet is inadequate. The media can keep their ideals and stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine because they are so wrong about beauty. We are the combination of 7 octillion atoms for goodness sake! Those atoms, the elements that make up our bodies were forged in stars billions of years ago. We are stardust. Now if that’s not magnificent, beautiful, amazing (insert other exciting synonym) then what is?

                  It’s truly beautiful right?http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-unveils-celestial-fireworks-as-official-image-for-hubble-25th-anniversary

House of Black and White – Game of Thrones Review

The second episode this season almost felt as if it were still part of the season premiere which is perhaps down to the scale of the show and the impossible nature of catching up with all the characters within an hour, nevertheless it was a very intriguing episode.

Despite the episode being called the ‘House of Black and White’ we spend barely anytime anywhere near the aforementioned house as Arya is refused entrance by a doorkeeper whose visage is creased with old age and knowledge, afterwards she waits and waits and waits (remind anyone else of Tyler Durden’s Project Mayhem initiation? Jut me?) before taking to the streets of Braavos (A city we’ve heard plenty of but have not seen until now). Soon Arya is again faced with that mysterious man clad in robes after his presence disperses a group of thieves preying on the young stark girl. After following the old doorkeeper back he reveals himself in the familiar guise of Jaqen H’ghar once more, this confuses Arya who had asked for H’ghar earlier. He then tells her that ‘A man is not Jaqen H’ghar’ and that he is ‘No one and that is who a girl must become’ they then enter into the headquarters of the faceless men. Having Tom Wlaschciha back as the soft spoken assassin with a penchant for speaking in 3rd person from season 2 was a great move by HBO as his performance was one of the second season’s highlights for me and ever since his departure I’ve been hoping for him to grace our screens again. Also something I found quite interesting about seeing this city for the first time is that the large statue The Titan of Braavos is very much an incarnation of the Colossus of Rhodes thus pertaining to the idea that the land across the sea is very much rooted in mythology and magic.

On the subject of Magic a certain runaway Dragon visited Daenery’s briefly before disappearing into the distance again; one could see this as a metaphor for the state of affairs that face the young queen as her hold over the city of Meereen seems to be slipping away. After a public execution of a former slave a civil war breaks out between the masters and slaves of the Meereen of before which demonstrates that Daenery’s is very much out of her depth. The slaves see this execution as a betrayal and portray this through a very visceral hissing; this is a huge departure from the cries of ‘Myhsa’ meaning Mother in Meereen’s native tongue that she was graced with last season after sacking the city. One can only hope that Daenery’s can recuperate the love her subjects once displayed otherwise attaining the Iron Throne will remain a dream rather than become reality.

Tyrion is subjected to yet another box (albeit a larger one) for his travel towards Meereen and all the while the self-proclaimed ‘God of Wine’ continues to drown his sorrows. Feeling cooped up he muses upon his situation with a simple question ‘How many dwarfs are there in the world, is Cersei going to kill them all?’ In true Game of Thrones style we get a straight cut to a severed dwarfs head dropped in front of Cersei which gives the scene a dark comic undertone.

Myrcella’s fate is in flux after the Lannister’s receive a viper shaped threat courtesy of Dorne no doubt thus spurring Jamie into recruiting Bronn for a secret mission to retrieve the golden haired child. Meanwhile in Dorne we are reintroduced to the late Oberyn’s paramour Ellaria Sand in the form of a wonderful close up of her clenched fist complete with a Snake bracelet that coils up her forearm, a pan up reveals her draped in a black dress mourning and plotting revenge. She observes from an ornate tower as the ‘Lannister girl skips about the water gardens’ and challenges Doran Martell on his inaction to avenge his brother’s death and suggests sending Myrcella back to Cersei finger by finger. This is rather shocking seeing as last season Oberyn assured Cersei that they ‘don’t hurt little girls in Dorne’ a similar sentiment is uttered by Prince Doran in this scene ‘we do not mutilate little girls for vengeance not here, not while I rule’ however Ellaria’s response of ‘and how long will that be’ hints at a potential for major conflict in Dorne this season. Personally for me the highlight of last season was the introduction of Oberyn and Ellaria due to they’re languid nature, they’re reverent dedication to each other and the fact that they’re quite obviously different to pretty much everyone else in the seven kingdoms (except maybe Tyrion Lannister). However tragedy struck and tore the two apart and in grief there is no way of telling what Ellaria will do to avenge her lover, perhaps as hinted in this episode she’ll compromise her morality which should make for a fascinating storyline.

Way up north the noble Jon Snow rejected Stannis’ tantalising offer of legitimisation (something that he has wanted his whole life) in favour of keeping his vows as a member of the Nights Watch. However at the voting for the new Lord Commander (the 998th to be precise) Samwell offers up Snow as a nominee reasoning that ‘he’s the commander we turned to when the night was darkest’, Snow wins by one vote. A season’s fly by Jon Snow has probably had one of the biggest character developments, from bastard boy of Winterfell to Steward then Ranger and now Lord Commander he has risen up through the ranks and has proven himself to be a natural leader. The fate of the Night’s watch and perhaps the rest of Westeros now lie in his hands with winter coming.

All in all this episode was a great end to last week’s reintroduction to the world of Game of Thrones as we were presented with two fascinating new destinations, a favourite character returned to take Arya’s story arc in an interesting direction and several plotlines hint at the action to come for the rest of season 5.

Daredevil – Season One Review

Like many I binge watched the 13 episodes of Daredevil pretty much as soon as they were uploaded on Netflix and it was so worth it. Unlike other Marvel fare Daredevil was deliciously dark and gritty which reminded me of Nolan’s Batman trilogy in the best way possible and thus has erased the stigma of the 2003 film away from one of Marvel’s coolest characters.

Two men, both alike in ambition, In not so fair Hell’s kitchen where we lay our scene (Okay enough with the Shakespeare). This dirty dark and corrupt corner of New York is still crippled by the devastation of the New York Alien invasion of 2012’s Avengers and is home to both hero and villain alike. We arrive on the scene shortly after Matt Murdock has begun his night-time pursuits of vigilante justice ergo we don’t have that iconic red costume just yet (well not until the season finale that is) but a makeshift blindfold and t-shirt and trousers combo all in black, this allows the audience to follow Murdock on his evolution to becoming the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Meanwhile in the criminal underworld whispers of an influential man who is not to be named (how very Voldemort) circle and pique our hero’s interest and set events in motion. The nameless man is soon revealed as Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin, and what is so fascinating about these two characters is that they both believe that they are just trying to make their city a better place. Fisk like Murdock also evolves as the season goes on, as at the beginning he was a mewling childlike figure lashing out in rage fuelled tantrums and hiding in the shadows to becoming a ruthless villain with a commanding physical presence by the end.

Murdock’s past is dotted throughout the episodes feeding us information about the accident that blinded him and gave him his heightened senses, his training with the mysterious Stick and his relationship with his father a boxer and mob fixer. These events are so integral to the development of Matt becoming Daredevil it was important that they were presented well, and that they were. Matt’s father a boxer known as Battling Jack Murdock was often unsuccessful and beaten up in consecutive matches, but due to his spirit and desire to make his son proud he would always fight on, this was something that was continually detailed from father to son and more than likely influenced the hero’s resilience that is demonstrated time and time again through the series.

The realism of Daredevil broke the boundaries of Marvel’s usual campy Television formula (think Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D and Agent Carter) thanks to its higher rating thus we were given a little more blood and guts that could not be shown on broadcast television. A great moment that stressed the focus on realism was perhaps the best fight scene in recent television history at the end of episode two ‘Cut Man’. The long single shot that sweeps through brilliantly choreographed action also demonstrates that the hero is not immune to fatigue and injury as he is constantly beaten down by his opponents (like father like son) and with the shot focusing on just the hallway what occurs off screen is just as powerful via great sound editing thus it demonstrates the prowess of the title character. Moments like that coupled with aspects of the crime genre ground the show and add to the storyline to make a compelling narrative full of twists and complications for the hero.

Another great plotline was the Painting that Fisk purchases from his soon to be lover’s art gallery in ‘Rabbit in A Snowstorm’. He’s announcement that he likes it because ‘It makes me feel alone’ is hauntingly eerie especially coming from such a menacing man. A little way down the lie we go back into Fisk’s past that is filled with abuse from his politically ambitious father and we see him staring at a wall very much like the painting, it is then enforced that this image is soothing to him in a weird twisted way especially considering how he was forced as a young boy to mediate upon the wall while his father beat on his mother. Interestingly he also finds an incarnation of this image in his prison cell in the season finale perhaps to again help alleviate his pain of being separated from Vanessa, the woman he has grown to love and adore over the course of the season. Allowing the viewers to see this aspect of Fisk humanises him slightly and thus blurs the constantly confusing line between good and bad, a line that Murdock himself constantly crosses as he becomes more and more embroiled in his mission to bring Fisk down.

Other aspects of the show I thought was great were the relationship between Murdock, Foggy and Karen (but specifically the two ‘Avocados at law’), the small blink and you’ll miss it hint at Elektra in a flashback of the two aspiring lawyers at university (nice one marvel) and how their relationship is realistically tested when Murdock’s alter ego is revealed, the badassery of madam Gao, the practically perfect performances of Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio as Matt Murdock/Daredevil and Wilson Fisk respectively, Karen Page’s shedding of the damsel in distress stereotype and that marvellous title sequence that sets the tone of the show brilliantly. I could go on but all I can say now is bring on season 2.

How hockey has changed my outlook!

The Ice Hockey season is over (nooooo) and although my team the Invicta Dynamos didn’t win the play offs (thanks to the Wightlink Raiders) we did win the NIHL Southern cup, so all in all a not too shabby season. We didn’t have a great start with imports being unreliable and then the most devastating event was my favourite player, Chris Douglas, our awesome goaltender leaving. But I stuck with it and attended as many games as I could still supporting my local team.

For the first time in my life I have actually found a sport I am passionate about. I never used to understand how people could sit and watch someone play a sport and not want to join in! I can tell you now; I wouldn’t want to join in with their games, high speed, pucks flying everywhere and fights! But I absolutely love watching it and I will scream in the stands when I think it’s justified. Yes that’s right I do shout at the players; there’s something oddly satisfying about shouting ‘turd’ when the opposition make a dodgy move on your team! My newfound love actually started last season and I genuinely think it will continue. I am not a ‘puck bunny’ only there to ogle the players, even if our old goalkeeper was rather dishy, I think my loyalty has proven I am there for more than that. You feel a sense of pride when you wear your jersey and you see the players fight tooth and nail for the fans.

My Jersey with my name on the back and my lucky number!

Ice hockey has also impacted in other areas of my life. Naturally watching people with immense skating skills every weekend rubs off on you. I have started to skate myself! I was a complete novice at the start but fuelled with a bucket load of inspiration and a dash of determination I went from Bambi on ice to a not so bad skater. I don’t fall over so much anymore and I can even skate backwards all be it very slow, but its still progress!

Much like ice hockey not getting enough recognition in England, I actually think ice-skating as a form of good exercise is completely underrated. I have found my fitness levels increasing slowly. While it might not feel like a mega sweat inducing work out, in the long run regular skating is going to build up specialised muscle as of course you need to keep your balance. You will naturally gain stronger core strength and of course a nice toned bum with all that work! I don’t see how you can go wrong. Now my bum isn’t toned yet but if you knew what I had to work with (Think Kim Kardashian size) then you’d understand I am not expecting miracles over night.

I love putting my skates on and getting ready to hit the ice.

I am also obviously not suggesting that a casual skate around the rink is a rigorous workout, maybe if I was going at the speed of a hockey player, but at my pace not so much. I do believe however, it to be more exciting than that boring treadmill in a sweaty gym. Plus ice-skating can be really relaxing once you get over the fear of falling flat on your back in front of strangers. That and with enough practise soon enough you can show off your skills and be the envy of your friends.

I think people need to get out of this mentality that to be fit and healthy you have to join a gym. It’s nonsense! When I think gym I think, ridiculously expensive membership that you start using when you make a resolution on New Years Eve but lose motivation by the end of January and end up throwing your money away for the remainder of the year. Now when you think gym, maybe a different image comes to mind and that’s great, if it works for you stick with it. I just believe that other options are just as good if not better, especially if you are like me and you don’t want a six-pack or hulk arms. That and if the idea of a half hour run next to a flawless fitness model on a treadmill fills you with dread then maybe alternative methods are more your spice of life.

Overall, ice hockey has changed my outlook on both loving a sport and enjoying exercise. I didn’t think I’d ever willing enjoy either and now I adore both. I truly believe if you enjoy exercising then that is half the battle, as you know you are more like to stick to something if you like it. Now if only I could stick to cutting out those pesky cakes and crisps I would probably have the body of a female Adonis (is that even a thing?) if not then I’m claiming that title as my own!

Having a little dance!
I have the best disco moves!

The Weight of This Combination – Orphan Black Review

————————————–Contains Spoilers————————————–

Each season the world of Orphan Black expands tenfold but Season 3 looks to be the biggest yet with the introduction of the Castor Clones, Delphine’s rise to the top of the DYAD Institute and the decoding of Ethan Duncan’s notes in The Island of Dr Moreau.

The season 3 Premiere started with a cool surrealist dream from Helena of her baby shower and featured a plethora of food (no surprise there), her three happy healthy and free clone sisters and Felix on BBQ duty. This fantasy is all too soon teared down by the (sort of surrealistic) reality that faces Helena, A small cramped wooden box shared with a menacing scorpion. This scene in my opinion worked so well because Helena’s very kitsch escapism is so on point with her characters warped childlike persona due to her reclusive upbringing in a convent and it’s a departure from the usual structure of the show thus exaggerating the fact that Orphan Black is evolving and becoming much more than just a genre piece.

We were also treated to some awesome clone imitation scene’s in this episode with Sarah becoming Rachel and Allison bringing her theatre experience in to play Sarah again all to trick the mysterious and creepy cleaner Ferdinand (played by James Frain, who always seems to make the best villains) into think DYAD is running smoothly. These scenes again demonstrate how talented an actress Maslany truly is as she manages to convincingly portray different characters masquerading as each other without them becoming carbon copies of one another. That and the fact that Sarah is a well versed con-woman who possesses a natural ability to go with the flow of a situation makes for compelling and nail biting tension filled storytelling.

Everybody’s favourite geek scientist Cosima seems to be on the mend physically this episode although not so much emotionally. Delphine and Cosima’s relationship came to an end in a poignant hallway confrontation and Scott decided that perhaps working on the super-secret stuff isn’t really working for him anymore. However it’s possible that Cosima can entice him back in after revealing Ethan Duncan’s possible key to the all-important genetic code. Moreover, Cosima is also having a rough time adjusting after her dance with death last season, and being quite a hippy dippy character one can expect Cosima to be interested in exploring the spiritual side of her near death experience, which should be quite an interesting concept as to see how science and spirituality will intermingle this season.

Another really great moment in the premiere was Delphine’s exploration of her malicious side with that cringe worthy power play eye crushing she subjected the bed ridden Rachel to. What made this moment so good to see is that Rachel is finally getting her just desserts after her manipulation and puppeteering of Sarah and Kira last season. Also due to the Sarah’s interaction with Ferdinand it was revealed that Rachel was planning something much more diabolical, she and her twisted sex partner had conspired together to kill all the Leda clones but herself, in something apparently similar to a situation that had previously occurred in Helsinki. This whole Helsinki thing hints at the fact that Leda and Castor may not be the only clone projects in the orphan Black universe (interesting).

Project Castor was unleashed on us quite substantially in this episode which I have mixed feelings about currently but I am sure all will be revealed throughout the season to explain their sudden presence and what exactly that will mean for the Leda Clones. Overall I was thoroughly entertained and glad to see Orphan Black back but perhaps slightly apprehensive about the male clones and the possibility of things getting a little too crowded, however it is plausible that the Castor boys are probably just here to demonstrate the vastness of the cloning experiment and to add another strand to the wider conspiracy than to take the spotlight off of the sisters.

The Wars to Come – Game of Thrones Review

Everybody’s favourite bloody sexy fantasy medieval show Game of Thrones returned to our screens earlier this week (hallelujah) and although the episode was slightly slower than some it feels like ‘The Wars to Come’ (says it all in the title really) is the calm before the storm that will surely tear up Westeros and Essos this season.

To set the season off we got a flashback from Cersei and the twisted prophecy she was warned of as a young girl. It added a nice little ambiguity to her character and possibly gives the schemer a small slice of redemption pie as can she be fully blamed for her actions as she is perhaps just a victim of fate (that and bad parenting)? Hmm interesting but I think we’ll have to wait and see where HBO goes with this.

We also said goodbye to two characters this episode. Firstly the diabolical Tywin Lannister (complete with those groovy Painted pebble eyes) laying in the sept, this signifies that practically no time has passed since Tyrion killed him last season which is great as we can then see the unfolding consequences of the most powerful man in Westeros’ death and what that means for the future of the seven Kingdoms. The second farewell takes us up to the wall with Crows, Wildlings and Stannis’ men mingling together. After refusing to kneel to Stannis the stubborn King beyond the wall Mance Rayder played brilliantly by Ciaran Hinds meets a fiery end (although not completely as the merciful Jon Snow ended his suffering with an arrow) this leaves the North in a sort of Limbo, Will the wildlings march south with Stannis for coin and a promise of citizenship or will they continue on their own under the patronage of Rayder’s logical successor Tormund Giantsbane?

In the capitol at Tywin’s wake we are also re-introduced to Lancel Lannister who seemingly disappeared for a long while (3 seasons was it?) and thus has returned a very changed man and part of the Sparrows, A highly religious collective. A shaven head and ragged robbed Lancel asks Cersei for a pardon in his in incestuous behaviour and for the part he played in the late King Robert Baratheon’s death. Having Lancel back adds a little tension to the plot (as if we need more!) as he clearly has some volatile information against Cersei that he could quite easily use against her. But again we’ll just have to wait and see quite how the Sparrows will factor in this season.

Across the narrow sea Daenerys who seemed from quite early on in the show to be the most likely to finally prevail in the claiming of the iron throne appears to be having a series of setbacks. Her hold over Meereen looks to be slipping with the rise of the Sons of the Harpy a resistance to the new Targaryen rule which begs the question is she ready to rule across the sea anytime soon? Also we saw The Mother of Dragon’s actually flee from her imprisoned dragons in utter fear despite the fact that we know she can’t be harmed by fire. I loved this scene as it shows just how precarious Daenerys situation is because if she can’t use her best weapon (fire and destruction, anyone remember what Harrenhal looked like?) does she really have a chance of conquering the seven kingdoms?

Tyrion is finally across the sea with Varys and I am really quite excited to see what this season will bring for these two as I have loved they’re verbal sparring since Season 1. Also I loved the shot through the little hole of Tyrion’s cargo box as it was a clever use of cinematography to put us in his shoes for a brief moment. And I must say the exchange about finding the right ruler for the seven kingdoms was great with Tyrion’s dismissive “Good luck finding him” Varys responded brilliantly with “Who said anything about him?” which led to a nice plot exposition. Now cast your mind back to season one where Arya is chasing Cats among the dragon skulls and we see Varys and Illyrio Mopatis skulking around in the shadows that moment coupled with Vary’s explanation to Tyrion about his part in their grand plan to restore the Targaryen’s to the throne shows just how much Vary’s has invested in the future of Westeros. Moreover the fact that Tyrion and Daenerys will appear together in the coming weeks is really exciting as these two are my favourite characters in the series plus if they unite they could possibly be unstoppable and Tyrion’s intelligence could be The Mother of Dragons only other plausible way into The Seven kingdoms if she can’t tame her dragons.

Anyone notice a recurring theme? Questions lots of questions, and that’s exactly why this episode worked so well, nothing is set in stone. Which is something that has been proven true time and time again throughout the past four season’s especially for those like me who have not read the books just yet (it’s on my to do list); which is part of the appeal of the show, as no one is truly exempt from dying at any given point. I remember sitting open mouthed last season with the fight between the Mountain and the Viper. Oberyn’s death was truly a shock (silly me) as I thought the Dornish Prince who was fast becoming a favourite character of mine would perhaps get a shot at revenge, just perhaps. But then he was killed, just like so many before him. So what can we learn from this? Someone unexpected will most definitely die this season. Place your bets.

Chocolate is Out!

I have eaten so much junk over the Easter, if you are what you eat then I am some sort of hybrid chocolate-icecream-cake-pizza monster! As you can imagine this is not a positive thing, I don’t have willpower or at least I tell myself that I don’t and thusly excuse myself for eating rubbish. However, there is no excuse, it’s just laziness that sparks a cycle of self-loathing! I mean I enjoy the first bite but after three ice creams in a row your just eating for the sake of eating, you can’t even taste it anymore.

I could also do with trimming the waist a little, I am not fat but I am not toned either. With summer on the way and the promise of glorious weather upon the horizon I figured chocolate needs to go. We have a love hate relationship. You know the relationship I am talking about (I can’t be the only person with this problem). You say just one bite but that bite becomes the whole bar – I know you feel my pain!

The problem with chocolate is it’s like a Greek Siren. I know its dangerous for the waist line yet it looks so beautiful and tasty. It lures me in with its tantalising smell and enchants me with each bite. So I have made the decision to man up. Being seduced by chocolate is not going to be a good excuse for my less than desirable beach body in a few weeks time. I am taking control, we have an unhealthy relationship so it’s finally time… I am breaking up with chocolate.

Now lets see how long the smile lasts before the cravings set in…