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We took the plunge to create a self-hosted blog and its going rather well! It’s been a huge learning curve, I  am still learning a lot! Feel free to check us out here and give feed back, we always love hearing from you 🙂


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Very Fairytalesque

 A view of Rochester Cathedral from Rochester Castle Grounds. 

Is it just me or does this beautiful Cathedral look like the home of a sickly sweet fairytale Princess?

Spring Fling with Blossom

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season as it signals hope and relief from the harshness of Winter.  It’s also in Spring that the Birds return to serenade us with their song in the mornings and that blossom decorates the previously skeletal branches of trees.   And like all beautiful things it’s time is short and just as soon as Blossom appears it leaves again dancing in the breeze as it goes. 

A homage to Bees

 These wonderful insects are the back bone of agriculture and without them we simply wouldn’t survive. So let’s strive to cultivate the remaining population before its too late. 
If you encounter one stay calm, they only sting out of fear and duty to protect their colony. If you find one that seems dead it might not be so give the little chap some sugared water and he might just live to fight another day.