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Shop til’ you drop!

Some people loathe it, others love it and I am certainly a member of the latter party. Shopping gets me so excited, especially when I see all the displays in the shop windows right before my eyes. I was full of excitement yesterday when I took a trip to Westfield shopping centre; I had never been before as Bluewater is my usual haunt. Three whole floors of fashion, food, books and even entrainment! Well worth a trip.

So what clothes did I buy?

Surprisingly I didn’t go nuts and only bought a few items, I am very pleased with my purchases though so take a look!



The dress from ‘Oasis‘ is so cute, I adore the colour scheme and the open back adds a bit of fun, I can already tell it’s going to be a wardrobe favourite! It will look great with a pair of sandals but equally it can easily work as an evening dress with a nice pair of heels.


I spotted this top on a mannequin in the window walking passed ‘The Sting’ and knew I had to have it. I love the pattern, the little flamingos are adorable and a lovely colour on the white background. It is see-through so I will have to think carefully about what I pair it with!


I got a couple of basic tops from ‘H&M‘, I particularly liked the yellow top (bang on trend) it’s nice to see more yellow it’s such a vibrate cheerful colour!

Food! Glorious food!

For lunch I tucked into a yummy Katsu curry at Wagamama’s, I managed to eat the whole meal using chopsticks, which I was really proud of! Normally I give up half way and greedily shovel the food in with a fork.


Don Arancini had some really scrumptious patisserie biscuits; I couldn’t help but sample a few. It was hard to pick a favorite they were all delicious, Italians it seems can do no wrong when it comes to food!


Asides from my purchases the highlight of the trip had to be listening to Karim Kamar, he was playing the most beautiful classical piano music, such a talented musician. If you want to have a listen I have attached a link to his Youtube channel here.


The Playsuit

Playsuits… you either love them or you loathe them. Like most items in the fashion industry the playsuit has the marmite affect. I stood in the changing room in Topshop weighing up the pros and cons, trying to decide if I wanted to part with my hard earned cash.


  1. You want to look girly but sometimes sitting pretty and bending gracefully sounds like effort? Well playsuits are girly but unlike a dress you can sit however you want without worrying about exposing tomorrows washing.
  2. You can pair a playsuit with either flats or heels and look fabulous either way.
  3. Playsuits look cute during the day and if you vamp up your makeup can become a sexy staple for a night out.


  1. The toilet problem. When nature calls wearing a playsuit can cause problems. You have to hover over the toilet practically naked, which isn’t exactly ideal.

It was an easy conclusion to come to. While not always an entirely practical outfit I think it looks nice. I rather like a playsuit even if I do have to strip to pee!

I was over the moon when I spotted a cute green playsuit on sale and it was in my size.!
I was over the moon when I spotted a cute green playsuit on sale and it was in my size.!