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We took the plunge to create a self-hosted blog and its going rather well! It’s been a huge learning curve, I  am still learning a lot! Feel free to check us out here and give feed back, we always love hearing from you 🙂


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A trip to Brighton


Neither Chris or I had been to Brighton before so we decided to make the most of our last day off together and visit the beach!

In true British style the weather was a bit odd! I wasn’t sure if I was hot, cold or somewhere in-between. There were points in the day where I was all zipped up shivering and then in complete contrast moments when I was pulling silly faces in a tank top melting!

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Regardless, it was lovely to relax on the beach enjoying the sound of the sea caressing the pebbles. It was the first thing we did when we got there, we couldn’t resist. We laid on the beach so we could have a little sleepy snuggle, I know soppy and romantic but I do have a soft side deep down.

After a little snooze on the beach, we decided to explore the pier. The Pier opened in 1899 and is looking rather good considering its old age. There were lots of rides and activities to take part in, as well as food stalls. The most important being the ice cream! Everyone loves a good flake ice cream!

We gobbled down the ice creams and then headed for the 2p machines! I am a sucker for them and we ended up spending ages in there trying to win different prizes! We came away with five and we didn’t spend a fortune.


A view from the Pier!

After fun at the arcades we decided to play some crazy golf. It was great fun and although I started off badly by the end of it I found my swing (pardon the pun).

11304524_10206178101798733_1843705435_n 11287166_10206179345229818_1862926974_n

The most important part of a trip to the beach is of course to indulge in some tasty-tasty fish and chips! We got ours from Fish and Liquor, and they were divine! I would 100% recommend getting your food from there. You can eat in but we wanted to take ours away. It was great to chill in a deck chair with a beautiful view of the sea, summer really is just around the corner!

A trip to the beach is simply not complete without some fish and chips!
A trip to the beach is simply not complete without some fish and chips!

Bowling mania!

What’s the best way to spend a Tuesday evening? That’s right guys… bowling! Despite being shockingly awful, it was great fun to fail epically.  Check out some of the snaps from our trip below!


11281750_10206151583055781_527481143_n-2We dragged my boyfriend (Chris) along to challenge him, so this was us doing a pre-game warm up! I have no idea why we felt the need for such ridiculous poses but hey it had us in fits of giggles. Plus it got us some strange looks which just added to the hilarity of it all.


Cate was very excited to bowl first, and I must say I am loving the blood red skinny jeans. If I had a smaller butt I would be tempted to steal them and never return them.



Action shots! I actually like the dodgy photography. It’s cool the way the camera has captured us, we look like holograms which appeals to my inner sci-fi geek.

Most of my attempts ended with the ball gliding hopelessly down the gutter, so not surprisingly, I came last with only 37 points (told you I was awful). Cate came second with 54 points and Chris beat us both with 76. So I decided to challenge him at shooting!



Unfortunately, it turned out that I suck at that too! The badass pose was all show, I did however manage to get one headshot.

So there you have it, a glimpse into our Tuesday at Hollywood bowl. We had a good time and judging by our scores I certainly think we will be returning to practise more… and so I can beat Chris. I would say it’s not personal but it so is!

Aim high!

Everyone has an ambition whether it’s to gain a university degree or take over the world! Okay maybe the last one was a little extreme but you get the idea. We’ve all got something on the brain, something we want to achieve.


Yet so many of us are not succeeding. Now people say its because the goals are unobtainable or unrealistic. I disagree. I believe its attitude. If you are not motivated you will make excuses. Excuses are for the weak! Don’t tell me why you haven’t reached your goal; instead tell what you are going to do next to get there!


There is no point saying you want something but then fail to take any step in the right direction to get there. That’s like sitting in bed doing absolutely nothing and expecting to magically appear on a tropical beach, you need to book the ticket and earn the money to get there! You only truly want something if you are willing to get up and do something about it!


Fight for your dreams. Go out and try for your dreams. Fail at your dreams. If you aren’t failing then you aren’t trying hard enough. Nobody achieves something worthwhile through an easy ride. You just get back up, dust yourself off and try again. It’s going to be tough, it might take a long time, but my god when you get there it will be worth it!


I am working towards my dreams. Question is how hard are you working?

At one with nature

We are often too busy to stop and look. We are all guilty of going about the mundane morning routine in a sleepy haze leaving the house. Once you get to your destination (whether that be work or school) most of us are stuck inside. Until finally we leave and make the same journey home, unaware and uninspired by the beauty around us.

The other day I changed that, I sat in my car with the door open in the car-park after buying some food for dinner and listened. I listened to the sound of the breeze, the cheerful chirping of the birds. I could hear the delicate raindrops pitter pattering on the windscreen.

I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow painted in the sky, with a faint one accompanying it. I smiled marvelling at nature. Its such a beautiful… yet strange notion. Without further thought, I sprang into action. I ran out into the rain and danced around for a moment before deciding to capture the moment on my phone.

I walked backwards finding the perfect spot to try and film it before it would disappear. I nearly walked into a unsuspecting man and apologised.

He frowned at me and then looked up at the sky and back to me. “Ah I see” He exclaimed, joining me as I gazed up at the rainbow above us. “Your not as mad as you look” he added.

I laughed and then shot this video. Within moments it had disappeared. A fleeting sight but one that has left an impression. It’s good to be at one with nature, it makes the soul feel healthy. We need to make more time in our busy lives to marvel in its wonderment.

Now it would have been nice to find a pot of gold at the end seeing as my house was over in that direction!

My First Song – Mr Grim Reaper

Lyrics by Charlotte Crafter

Produced by Pete Moody

First time!

This is my first song, I have written a lot of poetry and lyrics before but never got as far as transforming them into anything more than words on paper. I spend a lot of my spare time writing, but I took this one (as it is my favourite one I have written so far) to my voice coach Pete and worked with him to create the track. He is amazing and I absolutely love the track

So what is Mr Grim Reaper about?

When I wrote this song I decided to use the Grim Reaper as a metaphor for a few different reasons. The main reason was because obviously we associate the Grim Reaper with death and thusly heartbreak by default. When you start lusting over someone you shouldn’t its going to end badly, yet you are drawn to them like a ‘moth to a light’.

The other reason behind the name is a mystery so if you fancy getting your Sherlock on, you can dig a little deeper and try to work out the meaning.


Thank you for stopping by and listening! I hope you enjoy the track, if you do please share and give the blog/my SoundCloud some loving!

Shop til’ you drop!

Some people loathe it, others love it and I am certainly a member of the latter party. Shopping gets me so excited, especially when I see all the displays in the shop windows right before my eyes. I was full of excitement yesterday when I took a trip to Westfield shopping centre; I had never been before as Bluewater is my usual haunt. Three whole floors of fashion, food, books and even entrainment! Well worth a trip.

So what clothes did I buy?

Surprisingly I didn’t go nuts and only bought a few items, I am very pleased with my purchases though so take a look!



The dress from ‘Oasis‘ is so cute, I adore the colour scheme and the open back adds a bit of fun, I can already tell it’s going to be a wardrobe favourite! It will look great with a pair of sandals but equally it can easily work as an evening dress with a nice pair of heels.


I spotted this top on a mannequin in the window walking passed ‘The Sting’ and knew I had to have it. I love the pattern, the little flamingos are adorable and a lovely colour on the white background. It is see-through so I will have to think carefully about what I pair it with!


I got a couple of basic tops from ‘H&M‘, I particularly liked the yellow top (bang on trend) it’s nice to see more yellow it’s such a vibrate cheerful colour!

Food! Glorious food!

For lunch I tucked into a yummy Katsu curry at Wagamama’s, I managed to eat the whole meal using chopsticks, which I was really proud of! Normally I give up half way and greedily shovel the food in with a fork.


Don Arancini had some really scrumptious patisserie biscuits; I couldn’t help but sample a few. It was hard to pick a favorite they were all delicious, Italians it seems can do no wrong when it comes to food!


Asides from my purchases the highlight of the trip had to be listening to Karim Kamar, he was playing the most beautiful classical piano music, such a talented musician. If you want to have a listen I have attached a link to his Youtube channel here.


Me time – It’s important!

“I am rushed off my feet”

“I wish I had more time for myself”

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!”

“I don’t have time to do that!”

Sound familiar? It’s a fact of life… everyone is busy. We are busy working. Busy looking after others. Busy nurturing our relationships. Busy checking Facebook (Yes we are all guilty). We get caught up in our hectic lives juggling a million and one things. It’s crazy how busy we are being busy and we all have that one thing in common, we don’t spend enough time on ourselves. Sometimes its necessary to be selfish and that doesn’t make you a bad person!

Taking time out and refusing to give attention to anything other than your goals is healthy. We need to pursue passions, doing enjoyable things or sometimes just mong out in front of the telly. It can be challenging to find the time to indulge in this uninterrupted bliss but it’s a challenge worth pursuing.

Having that ‘Me’ time is not something to feel guilty about, it is to better yourself and thusly better how you treat and interact with others around you. Giving yourself the opportunity to relax and recharge will then help you refocus on the less fun stuff like your responsibilities.

So we’ve talked about why it’s good, now lets talk about how to make it happen!

  1. Remember that you are important and that you can never take your health (emotional and physical) for granted. You only live once make it count. There’s no use stressing out and burning out – you’ll be no good to anyone in that condition. Taking time out is allowed and it should be encouraged to ensure you live a fulfilling, happy and healthy lifestyle.
  1. Now that you believe you deserve this time, make sure it’s time well spent. Do you waste time checking Tweets and random Facebook posts by people you haven’t spoken to in years? Think carefully about what will make you feel rejuvenated and give you a sense of happiness and achievement. For me it’s being creative for others it could be reading a novel or practicing yoga. Write a list of goals you want to complete and make sure you schedule this time!
  1. Say “no”! I get this can be hard at times but its important. If it’s not going to add value to your life then what is the point? Think carefully before committing to something. If it’s really something that you can’t get out of (work commitments) don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to muddle through things alone.

Remember work hard but also play hard! – It’s a pretty good motto to live by. It’s certainly one I know I will be sticking to more so than ever. Do you have any tips on how you make time for yourself?

Sweeps fun!

This weekend it’s the annual Sweeps festival, which brings the streets of Rochester alive for three rather diverse days! It is fantastic to see a montage of traditional British activities such as Morris dancing and those donning chimney sweep costumes paying homage to the days when this annual holiday allowed boys to leave the soot for a few days of celebration.

The Fabulous fezheads warming up before they took the stage!
The Fabulous fezheads warming up before they took the stage!

It was the perfect excuse to chill with friends and soak up the atmosphere, with live music, funfair rides, stalls and farmers markets there is plenty for all your senses to enjoy no matter your age. My favorite act were the “Fabulous Fezheads’, as I sat eating my lovely hog roast baguette I was thoroughly entertained by their great musical skills and witty remarks. There were lots of other acts that were good too as their music flooded the castle grounds through the day.

I enjoyed looking at the market stalls eyeing up the delicious variety of food from breads to sausages right through to donuts and tasty fudge. I couldn’t resist and had to buy some salted caramel fudge, it was gorgeous I really want to learn how to make my own. There were a lot of cider stalls we even found a Viking horn stall which was rather interesting. There were ones for arts and crafts too, which is always good to see.

The Giggly Pig's sausages looked delicious!
The Giggly Pig‘s sausages looked delicious!

Later, we decided to retire to a less packed part of Rochester – the Sweeps Festival attracts people from all over the world so as you can imagine the high street was heaving! My friends found a pub a few streets away from the main action called ‘The Good Intent’ and we started on the variety of cider that was on offer in the outside tent. I never knew there could be so many different flavours! There were some interesting acts performing including a bunch of people wearing feather hats playing kazoos as well as, some bagpipes and banjos which ignited my friend Shane’s burning desire to dance.

Unlike last year, the weather wasn’t fabulous, don’t get me wrong it could have been worse, but I am like a lizard and need those rays of sunshine to warm my cold blood. It was getting late and chilly so I persuaded my friend Joe to accompany me inside and we were astonished to find a whole room of people singing a cappella folk! It was a rather surreal moment but beautiful to see so many people coming together in the community sharing a mutual love of singing and music.

Overall, all I can say is Sweeps is a great festival for friends and families alike. Kudos to historian Gordon Newton who decided to revive the tradition back in the eighties it really is a lovely way to spend your day. I believe it’s the perfect way to mark the start of summer.

I got to wear the bird head! This guy made my day.
I got to wear the bird head! This guy made my day.

These Boots Are Made For Walking – Cover

I don’t normally take part in the #ThrowBackThursday trend because normally I don’t have anything interesting to share. Today however, I realised it was around six months ago that I recorded my first ever cover of a song and shared it on Soundcloud! It marks a huge turning point in my life so I thought I would share it with everyone here!

I chose the wonderful Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ because I loved the famous scene from Austin Powers where the Fembots came out to that tune and shamefully I have to admit, Cate and I did role play this as children! Of course we didn’t understand that they were seducing everyone… we were completely innocent… I think!

Regardless, all those months ago I plucked up the courage to sing in front of people and to record it too (with the help of my awesome voice coach Pete Moody). Take a look at my throw back and feel free to comment, feed back is always welcome – good or bad! Fingers crossed for good.

Okay let’s go boots!