Aim high!

Everyone has an ambition whether it’s to gain a university degree or take over the world! Okay maybe the last one was a little extreme but you get the idea. We’ve all got something on the brain, something we want to achieve.


Yet so many of us are not succeeding. Now people say its because the goals are unobtainable or unrealistic. I disagree. I believe its attitude. If you are not motivated you will make excuses. Excuses are for the weak! Don’t tell me why you haven’t reached your goal; instead tell what you are going to do next to get there!


There is no point saying you want something but then fail to take any step in the right direction to get there. That’s like sitting in bed doing absolutely nothing and expecting to magically appear on a tropical beach, you need to book the ticket and earn the money to get there! You only truly want something if you are willing to get up and do something about it!


Fight for your dreams. Go out and try for your dreams. Fail at your dreams. If you aren’t failing then you aren’t trying hard enough. Nobody achieves something worthwhile through an easy ride. You just get back up, dust yourself off and try again. It’s going to be tough, it might take a long time, but my god when you get there it will be worth it!


I am working towards my dreams. Question is how hard are you working?


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