At one with nature

We are often too busy to stop and look. We are all guilty of going about the mundane morning routine in a sleepy haze leaving the house. Once you get to your destination (whether that be work or school) most of us are stuck inside. Until finally we leave and make the same journey home, unaware and uninspired by the beauty around us.

The other day I changed that, I sat in my car with the door open in the car-park after buying some food for dinner and listened. I listened to the sound of the breeze, the cheerful chirping of the birds. I could hear the delicate raindrops pitter pattering on the windscreen.

I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow painted in the sky, with a faint one accompanying it. I smiled marvelling at nature. Its such a beautiful… yet strange notion. Without further thought, I sprang into action. I ran out into the rain and danced around for a moment before deciding to capture the moment on my phone.

I walked backwards finding the perfect spot to try and film it before it would disappear. I nearly walked into a unsuspecting man and apologised.

He frowned at me and then looked up at the sky and back to me. “Ah I see” He exclaimed, joining me as I gazed up at the rainbow above us. “Your not as mad as you look” he added.

I laughed and then shot this video. Within moments it had disappeared. A fleeting sight but one that has left an impression. It’s good to be at one with nature, it makes the soul feel healthy. We need to make more time in our busy lives to marvel in its wonderment.

Now it would have been nice to find a pot of gold at the end seeing as my house was over in that direction!

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