Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken – Game of Thrones Review

This weeks episode was a real nail-biter and really sets us up for the last section of this season. 

In Braavos Arya is slowly Learning the ways of the Faceless men. She is beaten then guided by the ever mysterious ‘Jaqen’ and begins to fabricate lies convincingly as demonstrated when she convinced a young sickly girl to drink the “healing” water of the well to end her suffering. This moment is watched by ‘Jaqen’ who is seemingly pleased with Arya’s actions so much so that he reaveals what lays behind the door she so desperately wants to explore. In perhaps the most interesting part of Arya’s story this episode she is lead down to a strange eeiry gargantuan mausoleum of faces where ‘Jaqen’ announces that she is ‘not ready to become no one but she is ready to become someone else’ this scene coupled with the fantasticaly creepy score sets up great suspense for the audience as we are left without any more exposition this episode thus we have to wait to see just how Arya will become someone else.

In Kings Landing the Tyrell’s aren’t having much luck of late especially with the Cersei backed rise of The Sparrows as Loras is put to trial for his homosexuality. In the process Queen Margery is also imprisoned after Loras’ squire turned brothel manager provides a damning testimony. What was great about this scene was how powerless the young King Tommen appeared when he looked on at the events transpiring like an innocent lamb and was unable to help his wife. This proved very easily that Tommen is not King material and that his mother is the real ruler of the seven kingdoms. 

Jamie and Bronn’s gallivanting ‘sensitive diplomatic mission’ failed miserably as they and the sand snakes converged upon Myrcella the prized Lannister girl at the exact same time. A small but nevertheless poetic battle ensued with Oberyn’s daughters mimicking the late Red Vipers ornate fighting style and Jamie and Bronn swiping at the girls with their efficient but far less pretty swordplay. Unsurprisingly Prince Doran’s guards soon seize both parties in the water gardens and Ellaria who hides in the shadows, ultimately their fate is left in limbo. This scene was perhaps a little disappointing but is perhaps serving a larger purpose for later in the season.

Across sea Tyrion and Jorah continue their cross country journey to the Mother of Dragons this time they encounter a band of Slavers. The leader plans to send Jorah to the salt mines and to sell Tyrions manhood to an amusingly titled ‘Cock merchant’ for it is believed that Dwarf cocks hold magical powers. With the announcement of sudden death Tyrion scrambles and uses his superior mind to assure his safety for a little longer and manages to persuade the slavers to consider taking Mormont to the newly reopened fighting pits thus perhaps fast tracking their arrival to Meereen, and Daenery’s. Interestingly one thing that’s been on my mind the last couple of weeks is the whereabouts of Varys, is he perhaps already in Meereen? Or is he still on the road looking for Tyrion? Hopefully these questions will be answered next week. 

In perhaps the most horrific scene in recent Game of Thrones history Sansa is subjected to Wedding night tradition of consummating her marriage to the recently legitimised Ramsay Bolton. But in true Ramsay style a seemingly nice moment is twisted and turned into a dreadful ordeal. He orders the broken Theon to watch her ‘become a woman’ and thus he tears her dress violently after becoming impatient with her slow disrobing and rapes the poor Stark girl. The close up on Theon’s distraught face was a really great moment as to me it perhaps hinted at the possibility of him regaining some of his identity back or actually attacking Ramsay who is slowly pushing him to the edge.

This episode in true Game of Thrones style served to demonstrate how savage and cruel the world of Westeros and Essos truly can be. And to prove yet again that nothing is certain and that the fate of any character truly is in flux


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