Where Is My Mind? – Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Full disclosure, this is my first foray into the crazy world of Mad Max as I haven’t seen any of the Mel Gibson films. But guess what? I absolutely loved it; it was everything I was looking for in an action film and more.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron lead the film as Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa respectively; they play two mismatched survivors on a journey of redemption carrying a precious cargo that a thousand men would die for. To me the film felt like a twisted post-apocalyptic Trojan war, as the whole battle between good and evil starts with the abduction of the tyrannical Immortan Joe’s beautiful five wives and especially his favourite Splendid who has a sort of Helen of Troy look about her. 

Also one thing Fury Road did effortlessly was to have both men and women as equals in capability and apart from the sheltered fragile wives (who also step up later in the film) all of the women encountered are extremely bad ass. Now it annoys me that I have to talk about this as it should just be something that is rather than something surprising in Hollywood movies nevertheless Director George Miller delivers on bringing us really well fleshed out strong females that subvert usual gender stereotypes and who are equal to and compliment the films hero. 

Moreover this film was one hell of a heavy metal extravaganza, with cars that figuratively roar like beasts, an abundance of fire, acrobatic warriors seemingly straight out of the Circus and a strange wild unrelenting man strapped to the front of a truck slamming on an electric guitar that also sprays fire. Furthermore the action of the film was impeccably shot as it all felt very real and seemed to have less of that green screen fakery of recent blockbusters and more wide sweeping shots of insane practical action. This clever cinematography coupled with the crazy fantastic score of the film made it a relentless wildly fun edge of your seat cinematic experience. 

Other interesting things I found in this film:

  • A small blink and you’ll miss it possible allusion to Salvador Dali’s The Elephants in a scene where a couple of ‘crows’ are walking through boggy land on stilts (Just me?) This personally added to the already weird and creepy aesthetic of the films universe.

  • Immorten Joe’s face mask kind of reminded me of a vicious baboon, again this adds to the insane savage nature of the cultish leaders fear inducing regime   

  • The constant reference to Valhalla by the kamikaze War Boys hinted at Immortan Joe’s religion based cult and its ability to brainwash the sickly soldiers into so easily dying for their leader all to ensure their life has meaning and that they will be able to live again

  • The ‘green place’ which Furiosa promises to take the wives to is a symbol of hope and a possible escape from the harsh desert world and perhaps their Garden of Eden. However it transpires that it was unsustainable due to the poisoned earth. 

  • Mother’s milk is the sustenance of the society over water, which interestingly gives women a powerful and important place in the survival of immortan Joe’s civilization.

Overall I give this film *****

Yes it was that good, go see it if you haven’t already. If you have go see it again!


One thought on “Where Is My Mind? – Mad Max: Fury Road Review

  1. I liked the action, the special effects were well done, nicely filmed, did not like the few occasions where they sped the film up to make it look like things were happening faster than they really were (tunnel chase near the beginning) . Story was pretty limited but it did not really matter 🙂


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