Kill the Boy – Game of Thrones Review

This episodes title ‘Kill the Boy’ comes from some sage advice from Maester Aemon as he tells Jon to ‘Kill the boy and let the man be born’, this metaphor insists that Jon must mature greatly and stop doubting himself as he is now leading the whole of the Night’s Watch which is a rather large responsibility for such a young man to take on. Moreover this advice came when Jon asked for the Maester’s advice on his Wilding plan however the wise old man interrupts him before any details of the plan are expressed, his reasoning being that if Snow had thought through the plan extensively then it must be the right path. To begin his risky proposal Snow meets with Tormund Gianstbane and urges him to ‘Make peace to save your people’. He is initially unsuccessful as Giantsbane pledges that the wildlings will not bend their knee to him. Snow insists that all he wants to do is to save the people as the Knights watch is a ‘Sheild that protects the realms of men’ and that ultimately ‘We can learn to live with the wildlings or we can add them to the army of the dead’. This ultimatum sends the two on a journey north with some of Stannis’ fleet to bring the wildlings south of the wall and away from the burgeoning army of White Walkers. One thing that interested me was the fact that Stannis so freely gave Jon some ships. Perhaps Melisandre has seen something in the fire to suggest Snow’s importance thus it would be best for Snow to be an ally, this would perhaps also explain her random attempt at seducing Snow in last weeks episode.

Much of the focus of this week was still in the north; however I did find the storyline with the Bolton’s very much lacklustre as personally I’m much more invested with the storylines at Castle black and back down south and across the sea in warmer climes. However the highlight of the time spent in Winterfell has to be when Sansa finally meets the twisted and broken Theon aka Reek. There is sheer panic between the two characters when their eyes meet. And it would be obvious to say that both characters having not seen each other since Ned Stark left for Kings landing to become hand of the King way back in Season one, have changed considerably. And these changes have been marred by tragedy and at the hands of others. Also the dinner scene where Ramsay messes around with Reek by making him apologise for his believed murder of the youngest Stark boys stress how unlucky Sansa really is as she has gone from one psychopath to another and perhaps Ramsay makes Geoffrey look like a spoiled spiteful little child by comparison.

Daenery’s is finally using her Dragon’s again, and expresses her reason for this ‘Some say I should give up on them, but a good mother never gives up on her children’ this perhaps also mirrors her desire to stay in Meereen to stabilise the city especially as previously her subjects referred to her as ‘Mhysa’ meaning Mother. She decides to use these untameable creatures to put fear in the leaders of the noble families of Meereen to try and drive out those responsible for the murder of Ser Barristan selmy who died at the hands of ‘cowards who hide behind masks’. Daenerys feeds one of the leaders to her Dragons who proceed by setting him on fire and then tearing his flaming body in two. This shocking moment is then given a small instance of comical relief when Daenery’s pauses the feeding by proclaiming that she doesn’t want to over feed her Dragons. This amusing line also served to further the fear among the former masters as they must now wait in fear of their imminent death for another day. However the next day after a conversation with Mesandei Daenerys decides to marry one of the leaders and to reopen the fighting pits to give her a stronger hold over Meereen and to perhaps appease the natives in the process.

Also across the sea we catch up with Tyrion and Jorah and their journey to Meereen. As they approach the mysterious and doom laden Valyria that was once the greatest civilisation of the world the lost Dragon Drogon (this is the first time Tyrion has seen a dragon, his astonishment is perfect in this moment) flies over their boat while they recite old poetry in a serene moment that was clearly the calm before the storm as the boat is then ambushed by the until now unseen Stonemen. In an extremely tense battle (perhaps due to the fact that you must avoid their touch otherwise you are doomed to contract Greyscale) Tyrion is forced to stumble over board as his only escape route. Moments later Jorah and Tyrion are on a beach having somehow escaped, here they both insist to each other that they were not touched by the Stonemen however as Jorah walks away to gather wood he lifts his sleeve up to inspect his wrist to reveal that he has indeed been touched. Now while this moment was quite predictable it does raise an interesting question concerning the fate of Jorah. Will he manage to reunite with Daenerys’s and find a cure or will he succumb to the disease and become a Stoneman?


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