My First Song – Mr Grim Reaper

Lyrics by Charlotte Crafter

Produced by Pete Moody

First time!

This is my first song, I have written a lot of poetry and lyrics before but never got as far as transforming them into anything more than words on paper. I spend a lot of my spare time writing, but I took this one (as it is my favourite one I have written so far) to my voice coach Pete and worked with him to create the track. He is amazing and I absolutely love the track

So what is Mr Grim Reaper about?

When I wrote this song I decided to use the Grim Reaper as a metaphor for a few different reasons. The main reason was because obviously we associate the Grim Reaper with death and thusly heartbreak by default. When you start lusting over someone you shouldn’t its going to end badly, yet you are drawn to them like a ‘moth to a light’.

The other reason behind the name is a mystery so if you fancy getting your Sherlock on, you can dig a little deeper and try to work out the meaning.


Thank you for stopping by and listening! I hope you enjoy the track, if you do please share and give the blog/my SoundCloud some loving!


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