Formalized, complex and costly

This week’s episode is probably the strongest yet this season as the wider events of the season begin to take shape.

Cosima is still very much stuck in an existential crisis as she and Scott extract the brain of Seth the recently deceased and ‘Glitching’ castor clone as she raises the question of ‘God is this all we are?’ while hacking up the dead corpse. While being a woman of science her near death experience (as hinted in the season premiere) has opened up her mind to the possibility of a higher force and perhaps has changed her perception on the event of dying. This is demonstrated in the way that she muses upon Seth’s death as she questions whether ‘when he died do you think what he saw it was just a temporal lobe trip or did his soul actually say I’m out of here I’m out of this dimension’. This reasoning is quite interesting as the way Cosima questions the Death Experience is both analytical on the grounds of science but still very much trippy and spiritual which perfectly amalgamates her conflicting identity in a nutshell . This quote from Cosima also reminded me of the brilliant philosophical musings of Rust Cohle in True detective and adds another interesting viewpoint into a show that is already a pioneering example of intelligent programing currently on television. Another thing that delighted me in Cosmia’s storyline this week was the gender representations, as a female scientist Cosima is portrayed as a very strong character. This is stressed during the extraction of Seth’s brain as Cosima is very hands on and gets stuck in with the mucky work while both Scott and Felix cower away with weak stomachs to much comical effect. This kind of representation is oft rare in film and television as it is generally the norm for males to take centre stage as the strong characters while the women faint or shy away from gruesome work and reality tells us this is very much not the case.

Dr Coady’s true colours are shown as she is revealed to be the head of the military experiment and ‘Mother’ to the Castor boys. In a rather disconcerting scene we see Rudy cling onto the doctor crying and pacifying himself by sucking his thumb. This shows a vulnerable and very childlike side to the creepy clone which again is strangely intriguing and adds another layer to his characters persona. Dr Coady also asserts that ‘Our weapons system has a glitch’ to Paul and hints at a higher power that could shut the operation down. This raises the question as to whether Topside is the overarching controllers of both the DYAD experiment and the Military mission, and what exactly this means for the future of the series (more on this later). Meanwhile Helena is now in a cell, but still her character seems to steal every scene, as in an interaction with Paul she gives a foreboding threat of ‘One day I kill you all’ complete with a mime of a machine gun with sound effects again this scene reflects the usual childlike behaviour seen from Helena but there is also a sinister undertone to her words and perhaps a hint of some of her characteristic homicidal behaviour to come.

This week we finally see Alison (and Donnie) take to the streets with her campaign for School Trustee using her newfound business as a bribe for votes. Disguising the drugs as artisanal soap gifts (complete with a very Paper Street Soap Company of Fight Club set up in the garage) the Hendrix’s seem like natural suburban drug dealers. Now as this is a very separate plotline in the season compared to the ever meshing stories of Sarah, Helena and Cosima I can’t help but wonder if Alison will re-join her sisters at some point.

The search for the original genetic material continues this week with both Gracie and Mark (revealed as an undercover Castor clone last week) and Sarah and Art converging on the same man thought to be harbouring the samples. Events transpire and it is revealed that the castor Clones and the Leda Clones share an extensive amount of genetic material which means in Cosima’s words ‘the boy clones are our brothers’. This concept is rather interesting as it brings the two different projects together thus it must mean that Topside are indeed responsible for the two diverse programs and also could hint at a possible alliance between Castor and Leda.

The Proletheans are back and in this episode we see Gracie’s mother track her runaway daughter down. As Gracie is very much distraught due to the fact that she has married a clone which was previously unbeknownst to her she readily embraces her punishing mother (better the devil you know?). In turn this revelation then spurs the matriarch to hunt and put Mark down like an animal right before Sarah’s eyes, who has just been enlightened by Cosima’s research that the clones are indeed related to each other thus the scene instantly becomes more emotional and raises the stakes to a higher level as the Proletheans represent yet another plausible threat to the Leda girls and demonstrates that characters once thought safe are perhaps not so much (this is the second death in two weeks).

In conclusion the season is heating up and judging by the teaser of next week’s episode we can expect the plot to thicken tenfold.


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