Why we love quotes

Everyone it seems is a sucker for a good quote, Tumblr is full of em’. I love quotes because they are short, sweet and get to the point. Why go around all the houses when you can find an alley and take a short cut?

I enjoy writing but I hate word counts with a passion because as the famous saying goes – it’s quality not quantity, which is why quotes are the perfect piece of wisdom and inspiration. They are simplistic and can touch millions of people at a mere glance.

Take this for example; one of my favorite quotes: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” –Steve Jobs.  A simple yet motivating and thought provoking lesson that many of us are being taught through life’s experiences.

I once tried to impart my wisdom (or lack of) onto the population with my not so game changing ‘what’s the point of being serious when life’s a joke’ motto. I was going for the same sort of message as Steve Jobs though unfortunately mine sounds like an angsty teenager wrote it. Nobody really wants to take on board a message that sounds like part of a suicide note. It doesn’t exactly ignite a passion from within and make you want to sit up and act on the monotony in ones life!

My career in motivating people was over before it started. Then again it’s probably for the best! I think the day people start taking my advice, is the day that humanity embarks on a journey down a long bleak road, which will probably end in an amusing entry into the Darwin awards.

Despite not being the best person to take life lessons from, you don’t have to be a guru to be a quote master. The thing about quotes is they aren’t necessarily original thoughts, they don’t need to be witty, nor do they have to be awe inspiringly intelligent they just need to tell us what we already know and make you feel like you can change for the better.


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