Stop body shaming!

Its cliché but true, your body is a temple but its one we seem to be failing to worship. The human body is truly incredible (you can find out just how incredible here). I find it amazing to think that we are made up of atoms… about 7 octillion (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) apparently, which are more atoms than there are known stars in the universe! Each set of 7 octillion atoms make up some pretty interesting characters like you and I and everyone else you know. We should be celebrating how unique we all are but instead we all seem hell bent on criticizing one another and most of all ourselves.

There's more to life than worry about if you have a thigh gap or not!
There’s more to life than worrying about if you have a thigh gap or not!

Growing up it was the reign of size zero, every girl was told that to be beautiful she had to have a thigh gap and fit in the smallest clothes possible. This is fine if you are naturally skinny but I am not, I never have been. I was bullied for having chunkier legs than some of my friends and my bum was the talk of the class! People would make comments sometimes to leave a sting and other times not meaning to be hurtful such as ‘when I was your age I was slimmer’ or the famous ‘that makes your bum look big’. I hated my body. The media had told me I was not perfect that I was fat and ugly because anything larger than a size two made you inadequate. To be perfect I needed to be like a catwalk model/size zero celebrity. Now I wont go into the details of what happened but I lost weight and tried to be like the women I was told were perfection.

I love seeing women of all different ethnicities and dresses sizes gracing the front of magazines, blogs, advertisements and strutting down the catwalk. It is like a celebration of the diversity in humanity and something truly beautiful to witness. But like all things human we have to spoil it. I guess its human nature! Rather than learning from the torture of fat shaming the media imposed on impressionable young and old minds alike, it has now become fashionable to criticize the girls we once put on a pedestal. That’s right I am talking about skinny shaming.

I hate ‘skinny shaming’ just as much as I hate ‘fat shaming’ its stupid and hurtful. A woman can be slim naturally and not have to starve herself and she shouldn’t have to be ridiculed for that. She shouldn’t be made to feel any less of a woman because she’s not as curvy as Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. She, like every other man and woman on this planet should be made to feel special, because we all are incredible. I don’t understand this culture of one-upmanship; nobody is better than anyone else!

It doesn’t matter what your waist size is because beauty is so much more than that and that’s what the media’s message should be. They have so much power and with power comes responsibility. They have a responsibility to the millions of girls, boys, men and women who are left feeling inadequate because they don’t fit into the fictional ideal.

With beauty there is no one mould that fits all. Not one person on this planet is inadequate. The media can keep their ideals and stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine because they are so wrong about beauty. We are the combination of 7 octillion atoms for goodness sake! Those atoms, the elements that make up our bodies were forged in stars billions of years ago. We are stardust. Now if that’s not magnificent, beautiful, amazing (insert other exciting synonym) then what is?
                  It’s truly beautiful right?

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