The Weight of This Combination – Orphan Black Review

————————————–Contains Spoilers————————————–

Each season the world of Orphan Black expands tenfold but Season 3 looks to be the biggest yet with the introduction of the Castor Clones, Delphine’s rise to the top of the DYAD Institute and the decoding of Ethan Duncan’s notes in The Island of Dr Moreau.

The season 3 Premiere started with a cool surrealist dream from Helena of her baby shower and featured a plethora of food (no surprise there), her three happy healthy and free clone sisters and Felix on BBQ duty. This fantasy is all too soon teared down by the (sort of surrealistic) reality that faces Helena, A small cramped wooden box shared with a menacing scorpion. This scene in my opinion worked so well because Helena’s very kitsch escapism is so on point with her characters warped childlike persona due to her reclusive upbringing in a convent and it’s a departure from the usual structure of the show thus exaggerating the fact that Orphan Black is evolving and becoming much more than just a genre piece.

We were also treated to some awesome clone imitation scene’s in this episode with Sarah becoming Rachel and Allison bringing her theatre experience in to play Sarah again all to trick the mysterious and creepy cleaner Ferdinand (played by James Frain, who always seems to make the best villains) into think DYAD is running smoothly. These scenes again demonstrate how talented an actress Maslany truly is as she manages to convincingly portray different characters masquerading as each other without them becoming carbon copies of one another. That and the fact that Sarah is a well versed con-woman who possesses a natural ability to go with the flow of a situation makes for compelling and nail biting tension filled storytelling.

Everybody’s favourite geek scientist Cosima seems to be on the mend physically this episode although not so much emotionally. Delphine and Cosima’s relationship came to an end in a poignant hallway confrontation and Scott decided that perhaps working on the super-secret stuff isn’t really working for him anymore. However it’s possible that Cosima can entice him back in after revealing Ethan Duncan’s possible key to the all-important genetic code. Moreover, Cosima is also having a rough time adjusting after her dance with death last season, and being quite a hippy dippy character one can expect Cosima to be interested in exploring the spiritual side of her near death experience, which should be quite an interesting concept as to see how science and spirituality will intermingle this season.

Another really great moment in the premiere was Delphine’s exploration of her malicious side with that cringe worthy power play eye crushing she subjected the bed ridden Rachel to. What made this moment so good to see is that Rachel is finally getting her just desserts after her manipulation and puppeteering of Sarah and Kira last season. Also due to the Sarah’s interaction with Ferdinand it was revealed that Rachel was planning something much more diabolical, she and her twisted sex partner had conspired together to kill all the Leda clones but herself, in something apparently similar to a situation that had previously occurred in Helsinki. This whole Helsinki thing hints at the fact that Leda and Castor may not be the only clone projects in the orphan Black universe (interesting).

Project Castor was unleashed on us quite substantially in this episode which I have mixed feelings about currently but I am sure all will be revealed throughout the season to explain their sudden presence and what exactly that will mean for the Leda Clones. Overall I was thoroughly entertained and glad to see Orphan Black back but perhaps slightly apprehensive about the male clones and the possibility of things getting a little too crowded, however it is plausible that the Castor boys are probably just here to demonstrate the vastness of the cloning experiment and to add another strand to the wider conspiracy than to take the spotlight off of the sisters.


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