Chocolate is Out!

I have eaten so much junk over the Easter, if you are what you eat then I am some sort of hybrid chocolate-icecream-cake-pizza monster! As you can imagine this is not a positive thing, I don’t have willpower or at least I tell myself that I don’t and thusly excuse myself for eating rubbish. However, there is no excuse, it’s just laziness that sparks a cycle of self-loathing! I mean I enjoy the first bite but after three ice creams in a row your just eating for the sake of eating, you can’t even taste it anymore.

I could also do with trimming the waist a little, I am not fat but I am not toned either. With summer on the way and the promise of glorious weather upon the horizon I figured chocolate needs to go. We have a love hate relationship. You know the relationship I am talking about (I can’t be the only person with this problem). You say just one bite but that bite becomes the whole bar – I know you feel my pain!

The problem with chocolate is it’s like a Greek Siren. I know its dangerous for the waist line yet it looks so beautiful and tasty. It lures me in with its tantalising smell and enchants me with each bite. So I have made the decision to man up. Being seduced by chocolate is not going to be a good excuse for my less than desirable beach body in a few weeks time. I am taking control, we have an unhealthy relationship so it’s finally time… I am breaking up with chocolate.

Now lets see how long the smile lasts before the cravings set in…



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