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A trip to Brighton


Neither Chris or I had been to Brighton before so we decided to make the most of our last day off together and visit the beach!

In true British style the weather was a bit odd! I wasn’t sure if I was hot, cold or somewhere in-between. There were points in the day where I was all zipped up shivering and then in complete contrast moments when I was pulling silly faces in a tank top melting!

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Regardless, it was lovely to relax on the beach enjoying the sound of the sea caressing the pebbles. It was the first thing we did when we got there, we couldn’t resist. We laid on the beach so we could have a little sleepy snuggle, I know soppy and romantic but I do have a soft side deep down.

After a little snooze on the beach, we decided to explore the pier. The Pier opened in 1899 and is looking rather good considering its old age. There were lots of rides and activities to take part in, as well as food stalls. The most important being the ice cream! Everyone loves a good flake ice cream!

We gobbled down the ice creams and then headed for the 2p machines! I am a sucker for them and we ended up spending ages in there trying to win different prizes! We came away with five and we didn’t spend a fortune.


A view from the Pier!

After fun at the arcades we decided to play some crazy golf. It was great fun and although I started off badly by the end of it I found my swing (pardon the pun).

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The most important part of a trip to the beach is of course to indulge in some tasty-tasty fish and chips! We got ours from Fish and Liquor, and they were divine! I would 100% recommend getting your food from there. You can eat in but we wanted to take ours away. It was great to chill in a deck chair with a beautiful view of the sea, summer really is just around the corner!

A trip to the beach is simply not complete without some fish and chips!
A trip to the beach is simply not complete without some fish and chips!

Bowling mania!

What’s the best way to spend a Tuesday evening? That’s right guys… bowling! Despite being shockingly awful, it was great fun to fail epically.  Check out some of the snaps from our trip below!


11281750_10206151583055781_527481143_n-2We dragged my boyfriend (Chris) along to challenge him, so this was us doing a pre-game warm up! I have no idea why we felt the need for such ridiculous poses but hey it had us in fits of giggles. Plus it got us some strange looks which just added to the hilarity of it all.


Cate was very excited to bowl first, and I must say I am loving the blood red skinny jeans. If I had a smaller butt I would be tempted to steal them and never return them.



Action shots! I actually like the dodgy photography. It’s cool the way the camera has captured us, we look like holograms which appeals to my inner sci-fi geek.

Most of my attempts ended with the ball gliding hopelessly down the gutter, so not surprisingly, I came last with only 37 points (told you I was awful). Cate came second with 54 points and Chris beat us both with 76. So I decided to challenge him at shooting!



Unfortunately, it turned out that I suck at that too! The badass pose was all show, I did however manage to get one headshot.

So there you have it, a glimpse into our Tuesday at Hollywood bowl. We had a good time and judging by our scores I certainly think we will be returning to practise more… and so I can beat Chris. I would say it’s not personal but it so is!

Aim high!

Everyone has an ambition whether it’s to gain a university degree or take over the world! Okay maybe the last one was a little extreme but you get the idea. We’ve all got something on the brain, something we want to achieve.


Yet so many of us are not succeeding. Now people say its because the goals are unobtainable or unrealistic. I disagree. I believe its attitude. If you are not motivated you will make excuses. Excuses are for the weak! Don’t tell me why you haven’t reached your goal; instead tell what you are going to do next to get there!


There is no point saying you want something but then fail to take any step in the right direction to get there. That’s like sitting in bed doing absolutely nothing and expecting to magically appear on a tropical beach, you need to book the ticket and earn the money to get there! You only truly want something if you are willing to get up and do something about it!


Fight for your dreams. Go out and try for your dreams. Fail at your dreams. If you aren’t failing then you aren’t trying hard enough. Nobody achieves something worthwhile through an easy ride. You just get back up, dust yourself off and try again. It’s going to be tough, it might take a long time, but my god when you get there it will be worth it!


I am working towards my dreams. Question is how hard are you working?

At one with nature

We are often too busy to stop and look. We are all guilty of going about the mundane morning routine in a sleepy haze leaving the house. Once you get to your destination (whether that be work or school) most of us are stuck inside. Until finally we leave and make the same journey home, unaware and uninspired by the beauty around us.

The other day I changed that, I sat in my car with the door open in the car-park after buying some food for dinner and listened. I listened to the sound of the breeze, the cheerful chirping of the birds. I could hear the delicate raindrops pitter pattering on the windscreen.

I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow painted in the sky, with a faint one accompanying it. I smiled marvelling at nature. Its such a beautiful… yet strange notion. Without further thought, I sprang into action. I ran out into the rain and danced around for a moment before deciding to capture the moment on my phone.

I walked backwards finding the perfect spot to try and film it before it would disappear. I nearly walked into a unsuspecting man and apologised.

He frowned at me and then looked up at the sky and back to me. “Ah I see” He exclaimed, joining me as I gazed up at the rainbow above us. “Your not as mad as you look” he added.

I laughed and then shot this video. Within moments it had disappeared. A fleeting sight but one that has left an impression. It’s good to be at one with nature, it makes the soul feel healthy. We need to make more time in our busy lives to marvel in its wonderment.

Now it would have been nice to find a pot of gold at the end seeing as my house was over in that direction!

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken – Game of Thrones Review

This weeks episode was a real nail-biter and really sets us up for the last section of this season. 

In Braavos Arya is slowly Learning the ways of the Faceless men. She is beaten then guided by the ever mysterious ‘Jaqen’ and begins to fabricate lies convincingly as demonstrated when she convinced a young sickly girl to drink the “healing” water of the well to end her suffering. This moment is watched by ‘Jaqen’ who is seemingly pleased with Arya’s actions so much so that he reaveals what lays behind the door she so desperately wants to explore. In perhaps the most interesting part of Arya’s story this episode she is lead down to a strange eeiry gargantuan mausoleum of faces where ‘Jaqen’ announces that she is ‘not ready to become no one but she is ready to become someone else’ this scene coupled with the fantasticaly creepy score sets up great suspense for the audience as we are left without any more exposition this episode thus we have to wait to see just how Arya will become someone else.

In Kings Landing the Tyrell’s aren’t having much luck of late especially with the Cersei backed rise of The Sparrows as Loras is put to trial for his homosexuality. In the process Queen Margery is also imprisoned after Loras’ squire turned brothel manager provides a damning testimony. What was great about this scene was how powerless the young King Tommen appeared when he looked on at the events transpiring like an innocent lamb and was unable to help his wife. This proved very easily that Tommen is not King material and that his mother is the real ruler of the seven kingdoms. 

Jamie and Bronn’s gallivanting ‘sensitive diplomatic mission’ failed miserably as they and the sand snakes converged upon Myrcella the prized Lannister girl at the exact same time. A small but nevertheless poetic battle ensued with Oberyn’s daughters mimicking the late Red Vipers ornate fighting style and Jamie and Bronn swiping at the girls with their efficient but far less pretty swordplay. Unsurprisingly Prince Doran’s guards soon seize both parties in the water gardens and Ellaria who hides in the shadows, ultimately their fate is left in limbo. This scene was perhaps a little disappointing but is perhaps serving a larger purpose for later in the season.

Across sea Tyrion and Jorah continue their cross country journey to the Mother of Dragons this time they encounter a band of Slavers. The leader plans to send Jorah to the salt mines and to sell Tyrions manhood to an amusingly titled ‘Cock merchant’ for it is believed that Dwarf cocks hold magical powers. With the announcement of sudden death Tyrion scrambles and uses his superior mind to assure his safety for a little longer and manages to persuade the slavers to consider taking Mormont to the newly reopened fighting pits thus perhaps fast tracking their arrival to Meereen, and Daenery’s. Interestingly one thing that’s been on my mind the last couple of weeks is the whereabouts of Varys, is he perhaps already in Meereen? Or is he still on the road looking for Tyrion? Hopefully these questions will be answered next week. 

In perhaps the most horrific scene in recent Game of Thrones history Sansa is subjected to Wedding night tradition of consummating her marriage to the recently legitimised Ramsay Bolton. But in true Ramsay style a seemingly nice moment is twisted and turned into a dreadful ordeal. He orders the broken Theon to watch her ‘become a woman’ and thus he tears her dress violently after becoming impatient with her slow disrobing and rapes the poor Stark girl. The close up on Theon’s distraught face was a really great moment as to me it perhaps hinted at the possibility of him regaining some of his identity back or actually attacking Ramsay who is slowly pushing him to the edge.

This episode in true Game of Thrones style served to demonstrate how savage and cruel the world of Westeros and Essos truly can be. And to prove yet again that nothing is certain and that the fate of any character truly is in flux

Where Is My Mind? – Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Full disclosure, this is my first foray into the crazy world of Mad Max as I haven’t seen any of the Mel Gibson films. But guess what? I absolutely loved it; it was everything I was looking for in an action film and more.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron lead the film as Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa respectively; they play two mismatched survivors on a journey of redemption carrying a precious cargo that a thousand men would die for. To me the film felt like a twisted post-apocalyptic Trojan war, as the whole battle between good and evil starts with the abduction of the tyrannical Immortan Joe’s beautiful five wives and especially his favourite Splendid who has a sort of Helen of Troy look about her. 

Also one thing Fury Road did effortlessly was to have both men and women as equals in capability and apart from the sheltered fragile wives (who also step up later in the film) all of the women encountered are extremely bad ass. Now it annoys me that I have to talk about this as it should just be something that is rather than something surprising in Hollywood movies nevertheless Director George Miller delivers on bringing us really well fleshed out strong females that subvert usual gender stereotypes and who are equal to and compliment the films hero. 

Moreover this film was one hell of a heavy metal extravaganza, with cars that figuratively roar like beasts, an abundance of fire, acrobatic warriors seemingly straight out of the Circus and a strange wild unrelenting man strapped to the front of a truck slamming on an electric guitar that also sprays fire. Furthermore the action of the film was impeccably shot as it all felt very real and seemed to have less of that green screen fakery of recent blockbusters and more wide sweeping shots of insane practical action. This clever cinematography coupled with the crazy fantastic score of the film made it a relentless wildly fun edge of your seat cinematic experience. 

Other interesting things I found in this film:

  • A small blink and you’ll miss it possible allusion to Salvador Dali’s The Elephants in a scene where a couple of ‘crows’ are walking through boggy land on stilts (Just me?) This personally added to the already weird and creepy aesthetic of the films universe.

  • Immorten Joe’s face mask kind of reminded me of a vicious baboon, again this adds to the insane savage nature of the cultish leaders fear inducing regime   

  • The constant reference to Valhalla by the kamikaze War Boys hinted at Immortan Joe’s religion based cult and its ability to brainwash the sickly soldiers into so easily dying for their leader all to ensure their life has meaning and that they will be able to live again

  • The ‘green place’ which Furiosa promises to take the wives to is a symbol of hope and a possible escape from the harsh desert world and perhaps their Garden of Eden. However it transpires that it was unsustainable due to the poisoned earth. 

  • Mother’s milk is the sustenance of the society over water, which interestingly gives women a powerful and important place in the survival of immortan Joe’s civilization.

Overall I give this film *****

Yes it was that good, go see it if you haven’t already. If you have go see it again!

Kill the Boy – Game of Thrones Review

This episodes title ‘Kill the Boy’ comes from some sage advice from Maester Aemon as he tells Jon to ‘Kill the boy and let the man be born’, this metaphor insists that Jon must mature greatly and stop doubting himself as he is now leading the whole of the Night’s Watch which is a rather large responsibility for such a young man to take on. Moreover this advice came when Jon asked for the Maester’s advice on his Wilding plan however the wise old man interrupts him before any details of the plan are expressed, his reasoning being that if Snow had thought through the plan extensively then it must be the right path. To begin his risky proposal Snow meets with Tormund Gianstbane and urges him to ‘Make peace to save your people’. He is initially unsuccessful as Giantsbane pledges that the wildlings will not bend their knee to him. Snow insists that all he wants to do is to save the people as the Knights watch is a ‘Sheild that protects the realms of men’ and that ultimately ‘We can learn to live with the wildlings or we can add them to the army of the dead’. This ultimatum sends the two on a journey north with some of Stannis’ fleet to bring the wildlings south of the wall and away from the burgeoning army of White Walkers. One thing that interested me was the fact that Stannis so freely gave Jon some ships. Perhaps Melisandre has seen something in the fire to suggest Snow’s importance thus it would be best for Snow to be an ally, this would perhaps also explain her random attempt at seducing Snow in last weeks episode.

Much of the focus of this week was still in the north; however I did find the storyline with the Bolton’s very much lacklustre as personally I’m much more invested with the storylines at Castle black and back down south and across the sea in warmer climes. However the highlight of the time spent in Winterfell has to be when Sansa finally meets the twisted and broken Theon aka Reek. There is sheer panic between the two characters when their eyes meet. And it would be obvious to say that both characters having not seen each other since Ned Stark left for Kings landing to become hand of the King way back in Season one, have changed considerably. And these changes have been marred by tragedy and at the hands of others. Also the dinner scene where Ramsay messes around with Reek by making him apologise for his believed murder of the youngest Stark boys stress how unlucky Sansa really is as she has gone from one psychopath to another and perhaps Ramsay makes Geoffrey look like a spoiled spiteful little child by comparison.

Daenery’s is finally using her Dragon’s again, and expresses her reason for this ‘Some say I should give up on them, but a good mother never gives up on her children’ this perhaps also mirrors her desire to stay in Meereen to stabilise the city especially as previously her subjects referred to her as ‘Mhysa’ meaning Mother. She decides to use these untameable creatures to put fear in the leaders of the noble families of Meereen to try and drive out those responsible for the murder of Ser Barristan selmy who died at the hands of ‘cowards who hide behind masks’. Daenerys feeds one of the leaders to her Dragons who proceed by setting him on fire and then tearing his flaming body in two. This shocking moment is then given a small instance of comical relief when Daenery’s pauses the feeding by proclaiming that she doesn’t want to over feed her Dragons. This amusing line also served to further the fear among the former masters as they must now wait in fear of their imminent death for another day. However the next day after a conversation with Mesandei Daenerys decides to marry one of the leaders and to reopen the fighting pits to give her a stronger hold over Meereen and to perhaps appease the natives in the process.

Also across the sea we catch up with Tyrion and Jorah and their journey to Meereen. As they approach the mysterious and doom laden Valyria that was once the greatest civilisation of the world the lost Dragon Drogon (this is the first time Tyrion has seen a dragon, his astonishment is perfect in this moment) flies over their boat while they recite old poetry in a serene moment that was clearly the calm before the storm as the boat is then ambushed by the until now unseen Stonemen. In an extremely tense battle (perhaps due to the fact that you must avoid their touch otherwise you are doomed to contract Greyscale) Tyrion is forced to stumble over board as his only escape route. Moments later Jorah and Tyrion are on a beach having somehow escaped, here they both insist to each other that they were not touched by the Stonemen however as Jorah walks away to gather wood he lifts his sleeve up to inspect his wrist to reveal that he has indeed been touched. Now while this moment was quite predictable it does raise an interesting question concerning the fate of Jorah. Will he manage to reunite with Daenerys’s and find a cure or will he succumb to the disease and become a Stoneman?

My First Song – Mr Grim Reaper

Lyrics by Charlotte Crafter

Produced by Pete Moody

First time!

This is my first song, I have written a lot of poetry and lyrics before but never got as far as transforming them into anything more than words on paper. I spend a lot of my spare time writing, but I took this one (as it is my favourite one I have written so far) to my voice coach Pete and worked with him to create the track. He is amazing and I absolutely love the track

So what is Mr Grim Reaper about?

When I wrote this song I decided to use the Grim Reaper as a metaphor for a few different reasons. The main reason was because obviously we associate the Grim Reaper with death and thusly heartbreak by default. When you start lusting over someone you shouldn’t its going to end badly, yet you are drawn to them like a ‘moth to a light’.

The other reason behind the name is a mystery so if you fancy getting your Sherlock on, you can dig a little deeper and try to work out the meaning.


Thank you for stopping by and listening! I hope you enjoy the track, if you do please share and give the blog/my SoundCloud some loving!